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The Smart Way to Buy Cannabis

Ever wondered why paying for a cup of coffee is so much easier than buying cannabis? Why do I have to pull cash out of an ATM? Why do some stores allow me to pay with plastic? This article explains how anyone with a smartphone can now make legit cannabis purchases with ease.

9-23-2019-Blog - Mobile

Can I use a debit or credit card to buy marijuana?

Have you ever paid for marijuana or any other cannabis product with a credit or debit card? Guess what? The merchant you bought that cannabis from had to commit a form of financial fraud to make that transaction possible. Is that something you want to be a part of? Of course not!

The card networks (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AmEx) have yet to create a sanctioned category for these transactions. No matter how you cut it, current cannabis merchants can only use fraudulent MCC's (Merchant Category Codes) if they allow their customers to pay with plastic.

What's the problem with just paying my dispensary in cash?

Cash is cumbersome, slow, expensive, and dangerous. Your local, cash-only dispensaries are targets for robbery, unnecessarily attracting crime into your neighborhood. They require armored vehicles and armed guards with bulletproof vests to transport and secure the cash. These features are expensive services dispensaries are forced to pay for dealing in cash. These expenses often get passed onto you. Even worse, dispensaries earn revenue from their ATM's via surcharge fees you pay. All these factors make products expensive for customers and the cost of doing business prohibitively expensive for merchants.

There's no reason to wait in long lines at the ATM or worry that your transactions aren't legitimate. When you buy cannabis, you should do so with confidence and trust in the dispensary you transact with. The cannabis industry isn't some sketchy, dangerous enterprise that causes societal harm, yet it's been given the same regulatory treatment as the tobacco, firearms, and gambling industries. Those industries earned a bad reputation for a reason. They sell services and products directly connected with some form of harm. Cannabis, on the other hand, helps people in serious psychological and physiological need. It helps chronically ill people manage symptoms and enhances the health and wellbeing of those who feel it benefits them personally. CBD oil has been known to treat epilepsy and even eliminate seizures.

Banks—especially credit unions—are considered pillars of their communities, helping individuals keep their lives in financial order. At Alt Thirty Six, we envision a world where dispensaries are looked upon with the same kind of appreciation. Within the trappings of this painful regulatory transition period, federal regulations needlessly put banks into fear of regulatory fines, prompting them to close their doors to legitimate cannabis merchants trying to help their communities.

Economists estimate that only 8 percent of the world's currency exists today in physical cash. The rest is digital. Therefore, no industry can expand properly without digital payment options.

While you, the voters, have contributed significantly to the progression of this industry, it's time to vote with your dollars by asking your local dispensary to add Alt Thirty Six payment technology to their store.

What's the best way to purchase marijuana and other cannabis products?

There's no need to phone a friend for this Who-Wants-to-Be-a-Millionaire question. Alt Thirty Six is your final answer.

All you have to do is link your bank account to Alt Thirty Six and pay with your smartphone. Transactions are approved in nearly real-time, and you're out the door and on with your life.

We believe buying cannabis should be as easy and as simple as buying a cup of coffee. That's why we created Alt Thirty Six—a fully compliant digital payment solution.

Many people see legit, digital cannabis transactions as a distant future destination, requiring all states and the federal government to completely legalize the industry. However, there's no need to wait for our slow-moving democracy to bring that reality to life. That future is already here, and the power is in your hands to usher it in.

What makes Alt Thirty Six different?

Simply put, we're like Square for the cannabis industry.

You could also compare us to other companies like Venmo or PayPal. However, there's a key difference between Alt Thirty Six and those awesome companies. At Alt Thirty Six, we offer entirely compliant digital payment solutions for the cannabis industry.

Using blockchain technology, Alt Thirty Six has created a digital payment ecosystem that is fully compliant with all federal and state regulations.

Think about the most recent revolutionary companies that changed entire industries like Uber. Uber altered the taxi industry by fundamentally changing the way people connect. Their platform eliminated the barriers between people willing to offer a service and people wanting to buy that service. Alt Thirty Six is doing the same thing with the Cannabis industry.

We're offering the cannabis industry a detour where customers and merchants can circumvent overly burdensome regulatory hurdles and safely get their products to the people!

How do I use Alt Thirty Six to buy cannabis?

Start by simply setting up an account with Alt Thirty Six, a quick process you can do at home before making any cannabis purchases online or in the store.

First, you have to create an account with Alt Thirty Six. Just like any online account, all that's required is some basic information, a username, and a password. You'll also be asked to create a unique PIN—exactly like the PIN for your debit card.

After creating your account, just link your bank account to Alt Thirty Six, and you're ready to make purchases.

Making purchases online with Alt Thirty Six is very similar to how you use PayPal. During checkout, you'll simply log in to your Alt Thirty Six account and submit your payment.

For in-store purchases, the merchant sends you a link via text as part of checking out. All you have to do is select the link on your smartphone, input your PIN, and submit your payment.

How do I convince my dispensary to use Alt Thirty Six?

Let your dispensary know that they are missing out on a substantial amount of profit and efficiency. Tell them you'd rather not deal with the hassle and cost of cash. Ask them to bring their store into the 21st century with a fully compliant digital payment solution for selling cannabis.

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