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Here Comes the Green Rush

Have we overhyped the cannabis industry, or is this just the beginning? As we witness the final chapters of the cannabis prohibition, doors to exponential growth are opening. This article will explain why leading investors predict a "green rush" and how Alt Thirty Six will be a central player in enabling the cannabis industry's expansion.

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Has the cannabis industry reached its full potential or is this just the beginning?

History shows that revolutions and massive societal shifts are happening at an increasingly exponential rate. Think of the agricultural revolution, the industrial revolution, and the information age. The most recent big leaps for humankind have combined seemingly unrelated elements to create something entirely new. With Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb, it was the combination of improved mobile technology and a growing gig economy that enabled people to sell products, offer services, and borrow assets with greater freedom.

At Alt Thirty Six, we believe the next great revolution will combine blockchain technology with the expanding cannabis industry to empower individuals and organizations to transact with greater freedom. Today, America's regulatory environment doesn't reflect the reality of how the culture around cannabis is changing. At your next visit to a resort or luxury hotel, you're likely to find CBD-infused desserts and cannabis spa treatments ready and waiting for you. America is beginning to move beyond the misconceptions and stigmas previously associated with cannabis into a nation filled with people who recognize the value and nuanced uses of this natural plant. The more we learn about cannabis, the more we wonder why it was so taboo in the first place.

What’s changing in the culture and industry around cannabis?

Every day, headlines in the news continue to verify that the prohibition on cannabis is coming to a close. In a world where Martha Stewart has partnered with a Canadian CBD company and teamed up with Snoop Dog to create an immensely popular television show, it's clear that the legalization movement is rapidly picking up broad cultural acceptance. Three of the Democratic party's presidential candidates and their top Senate leader have expressed their convictions that Congress should not pass marijuana banking legislation without also taking steps to end federal cannabis prohibition. With large, nationwide efforts such as National Expungement Week, citizens everywhere are speaking out to end the unjust and harmful war on drugs. The cannabis industry is primed for explosive growth that will dwarf our former notions of what is possible.

Why is Alt Thirty Six attracting attention from investors?

The window of opportunity for massive returns on investments has just been opened. We will look back on this time as the first step into the golden era of cannabis investing. As Danny Moses stated in a September 4th CNBC broadcast, "This is the big long. It's the best macroeconomic opportunity I've seen within the US markets in my career." This is the tipping point when the cannabis industry shifts into a growth rate in keeping with market demand, and Alt Thirty Six will be the key component needed to unlock that growth at the necessary speed and scale. Other local and regional competitors may offer similar solutions but nothing currently compares when it comes to regulatory compliance and the opportunity for widespread, national adoption at all levels of the supply chain.

Why will Alt Thirty Six be a central player in the cannabis industry?

Alt Thirty Six provides the financial rocket fuel the cannabis industry needs to shift into hyper-speed and reach its full potential. But Alt Thirty Six is more than a digital payment solution for buying and selling cannabis. It’s the digital payment solution our country’s economic infrastructure has been waiting for.

The thing that makes the Alt Thirty Six ecosystem unique is that it combines blockchain technology with careful attention to regulatory compliance. We've all heard a lot of hype about blockchain tech, but really nothing compares to what Alt Thirty Six is doing.

What’s different about Alt Thirty Six?

Popular blockchain applications have recently been used mostly for speculation, making them extremely volatile and useless in the context of the real economy.

Alt Thirty Six connects Blockchain technology with the real-life economy by eliminating the volatility and attending to regulatory sluggishness that often prevents our culture and global market from evolving at the speed of today's technological and societal pace.

When you make a cannabis purchase at a dispensary that features Alt Thirty Six payment solutions, all you need is a smartphone. You don't need to acquire any blockchain tokens. You don't need to download yet another app.

This is the first time blockchain technology will be used broadly within the national economy, escaping the speculative buying, selling and trading of countless blockchain tools. When you join Alt Thirty Six in this cultural and economic revolution, you're not only freeing the cannabis industry to become what the American people want, you're also freeing the entire economy to take on a completely new shape and form. You're helping to demonstrate that blockchain technology has a practical use, just as it's had a practical use in economies around the world that have suffered from inflation and instability.

What makes Alt Thirty Six the most legit way to purchase cannabis products?

Unlike anyone else attempting to solve the regulatory problems the cannabis industry is faced with, Alt Thirty Six complies with and even exceeds all federal and state regulations, making it the most legitimate way to purchase cannabis using modern payment processing methods. Not only have blockchain applications been extremely difficult for the U.S. economy to fully adopt due to speculation and volatility, but it's also been difficult for the average consumer to use because of its complexity. Just like when the internet was first concieved in the '80s, blockchain tech has been a clunky, confusing mess that the average person has been unable to find useful in everyday life.

In partnership with Dash, Alt Thirty Six is making blockchain technology simple, accessible and user-friendly to the average consumer. We're eliminating the complexity blockchain technology overwhelms people with. We're reinvigorating the U.S. economy by freeing individuals and organizations from unnecessarily burdensome regulatory obstacles preventing the cannabis industry and heavily regulated industries across the nation from reaching their true potential.

Our mission is to use technology to free people to engage in commerce without unnecessary restrictions, simplifying and streamlining the movement of money between consumers, merchants, vendors and suppliers making every effort to comply with the law.

Who makes up the Alt Thirty Six team and what’s their goal?

Alt Thirty Six is about to change the economic landscape in the cannabis industry and across the economy. Mass adoption of Alt Thirty Six digital payment solutions will inevitably take root, helping the American people break free from regulatory shackles.

The Alt Thirty Six team is made up of brilliant minds driven by a higher purpose that goes beyond the bottom line. A visionary leader in the future of blockchain technology and digital payments, Co-Founder and CEO Ken Ramirez combines business acumen with a comprehensive understanding of technological gaps in the marketplace. In partnership with Lauren Murphy, Ken cofounded Alt Thirty Six, seamlessly integrating two emerging and rapidly growing industries: cannabis and blockchain. Proof of Ken's flair for creating elegant solutions to real-world problems continues to shine as Alt Thirty Six works tirelessly to optimize and scale its offerings.

Alt Thirty Six is targeting the cannabis industry first because that’s where the greatest opportunity exists to apply blockchain technology and regulatory compliance to empower consumers and the businesses they choose to transact with. Alt Thirty Six isn’t just a digital payment platform for cannabis. It’s a digital payment solution for growing the national economy as a whole.

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