Merchant FAQ

How much does it cost to use Alt Thirty Six?

Standard merchant processing fees start at 5% per transaction. Depending on monthly volume, number of transactions, and revenue model, merchant’s may be eligible for a reduced rate.

There are NO hardware costs, setup costs or hidden monthly fees...

How can I withdraw my money out from Alt Thirty Six?

1. Log into your merchant portal on Alt Thirty Six Platform
2. Select “Withdraw Funds”
3. Select the “Available” tab
4. Select Desired Transaction Date Range.
5. Select “Create Batch

The Transaction Batch, Totals, Request Date and Review Status will all be available to view under the “Withdrawals” tab

How long does it take to withdraw balance from my Alt Thirty Six account to my bank account?

Currently, Alt Thirty Six enables merchants to request withdraws for the previous week’s (Monday through Sunday) processing. The portal will pay out 1 week in arrears as the merchant requests their funds.

The funds will be sent to the bank account Alt Thirty Six has on file at the time of registration. If a merchant needs to update their banking information please email the request to

From time to time, bank holidays can delay a transfer to your bank.

How much does it cost for a batch withdrawal?

Standard withdraw takes 3-5 days to deposit into your bank account, once approved. (FREE)

Expedited withdraw takes 24hours to deposit into your bank account, once approved. ($25 per deposit)

Does Alt Thirty Six require any hardware?

No. Digital payments made through the Alt Thirty Six platform can be initiated and accepted seamlessly through the Alt Thirty Six web portal interface.

Alt Thity Six also offers an API that allows for easy integration into your store’s POS and loyalty platforms.

Does Alt Thirty Six offer an E-commerce solution?

Yes! In fact, it’s now more easier than ever through our Woo-Commerce Plugin for merchants to start accepting electronic payments immediately thorugh their Word Press store!

For a more flexible approach, integrate to Alt Thirty Six’s API and customize your online shopper's experience.

Does Alt Thirty Six acccept credit cards?

No. As long as cannabis remains illegal at the federal level, the card networks DO NOT allow their brands to be used for ANY cannabis related transactions.

Anyone claiming to accept branded credit and debit cards does so by obfuscating transaction records and circumventing the card network rules, knowingly exposing their clients to potential risk and penalties.

With the technology and relationships already in place, Alt Thirty Six will accept branded credit and debit cards as soon as the card networks permit it.

How does Alt Thirty Six process digital payments?

As an ACH originator, Alt Thirty Six facilitates electronic payments by allowing the customer to quickly and securely connect their bank account and initiate a bank transfer via the automated clearing house.

How does Alt Thirty Six interact with the blockchain?

Alt Thirty Six utilizes blockchain technology powered by the Dash Network as a means of storing records on an immutable and fully auditable ledger.

What makes Alt Thirty Six compliant and why should I care?

We firmly believe the key to long term success in this industry can only be achieved through transparency and absolute compliance.

For this reason, we have not only implemented a rigorous comprehensive AML/KYC program, but have also registered with FINCEN as an Money Services Business (MSB), and have obtained the necessary Money Transmission Licenses (MTLs) in the states in which we operate.

What states does Alt Thirty Six operate in?

Alt Thirty Six is currently operating in Arizona, California, Oregon, and now Florida! We are scheduled to open up Nevada, Washington, and Colorado by the end of Q4 2019.

With many more state applications already in the queue (MI, OK, NJ, IL), we plan on bringring a safer, more secure, and compliant way to pay to an even greater population in the very near future!