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How to Get Ahead of the Curbside Trend

The cannabis industry has a new buzzword with economic and cultural impact, curbside pickup. As of April 1, 2020, 20 states are allowing curbside pickup for recreational or medical marijuana orders.


New processes, guidelines, and expectations create challenges for dispensaries. Colorado dispensaries had mere hours to set up curbside orders from when guidelines were released. However, there is also a tremendous opportunity to properly adopt curbside pickup. 

Stephen DeAngelo, co-founder of the dispensary chain Harborside, said, “I think we’re going to learn that curbside is something we should have had available for a long time, and it’s hopefully something we can retain afterward.”

Here’s how to get ahead and take advantage of the curbside opportunity. 

Why Curbside Now

Curbside pickup is a transaction option where customers order their product online or over the phone. The customer then heads to their dispensary’s designated pickup spot when the order is ready. Dispensary employees then confirm a valid ID and deliver the order to the customer’s car. Unfortunately, cash is often still used in this method which slows down the process immensely. 

Curbside pickup went from being a lesser-known or non-option to a vital component of many dispensary businesses. Colorado dispensaries must offer curbside pickups for recreational sales. California dispensaries are filing permits for curbside pickup, with twelve dispensaries already approved and hundreds to follow in the coming weeks. Oklahoma barred delivery but is allowing curbside pickup. More than a dozen other states have variations of this requirement. 

Laws and regulations are changing day-to-day, but one thing is clear, curbside pickup is the next frontier for cannabis transactions. 

Getting Curbside Right

Dispensaries are scrambling to figure out curbside pickup, while demand is close to an all-time high. 

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Cash transactions done via the car window can get sloppy and complicated. Customers have to bring exact change for the process to go smoothly. Additionally, coronavirus can live on certain surfaces for up to three days. Eliminate the risk of cash transfers by enabling a mobile payment system. Speed, safety, and convenience.

Simplified Ordering 

Some dispensaries rely on phone orders which adds an additional step to the process and holds up phone lines. Alt Thirty Six customers utilize user-friendly mobile orders and checkouts. Every order is accurate with payments confirmed automatically. 

Keep in mind that other payment solutions might offer these benefits, but not to the same standard. For instance, Hypur’s system requires customers to interact with the dispensary employee’s device to confirm orders. This is less convenient, but more importantly, it presents a greater risk of virus transmission.  

Don’t Forget Delivery

Nevada forced all dispensaries to offer delivery only and close storefronts. As of April 1, they were the only state with this requirement. That could change. Additionally, delivery orders will increase as people adjust to social distancing and stay-at-home orders. An effective delivery process should be a top priority for any dispensary. 

Alt Thirty Six facilitates this in the same way as curbside transactions. There are no paper dollar transactions. Deliveries can be contactless, where drivers don’t have to come in close contact with customers. This eliminates the threat of contracting the virus during the transaction. Additionally, drivers don’t have to carry large amounts of cash on hand. 

If you’re looking to enable curbside pickup or improve your delivery process - we’re here to help. 

Now through April 20, 2020, Alt Thirty Six will be temporarily waiving all transaction fees for merchants on delivery transactions for new and existing clients. We’ll also expedite the underwriting and approval process so merchants can accept Alt Thirty Six payments within 24 hours. (Zero Fees promotion on delivery transactions expired after 4.20.20)

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